Washington, DC – A 3-day CPSM Certification Training of Jack Quinn Solutions, LLC is about to take place at  Dallas, Texas on March 22-24. This 3 day supply management training prepares supply chain and procurement professionals for the CPSM Exam of the Institute for Supply Management.

The 3-day CPSM Boot Camp in Indianapolis, US will take place on May 17-19. Both boot camps are geared towards preparing supply chain professionals to pass the CPSM Exam.

During the first day of the boot camp, Dr. Randall Mauldin, CPSM, PMP, the CPSM Certification Coach, will cover CPSM Exam 1 particularly the foundations of supply management. He will discuss topics involving contracting and negotiation, cost and finance, international business, social responsibility, sourcing, and supplier relationship management.

Day two of the 3-day CPSM Certification boot camp is focused on forecasting, logistics, materials and inventory management, organization assessment, planning, product development, project management and quality.

Day three of the CPSM Certification Boot Camp is geared on leadership, risk and compliance and strategic sourcing. In a span of three days, you will experience an intense review of the fundamental required to manage your supply chain and learn the most important information you need to pass each of the three exams for the CPSM Certification of the Institute of Supply Management.

When you decide to join the 3-day CPSM Certification Boot Camp of Jack Quinn Solutions, LLC you will receive an online access to supply management tutorials, a one-on-one coaching, a personalized study plan and many more.

The advantage of what Jack Quinn Solutions offer compared to other supply management training companies is that, they offer a PASS GUARANTEE. If you take the CPSM Exam within 30 days after attending the 3-day CPSM Certification Boot Camp, they will pay for your re-examination fee!