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Your Supply Chain Will Not Survive The Next Disaster!!!

Are you one of the 85% of CEOs that could not survive a disruption in your supply chain?

According to a recent survey, less than 15% of CEOs believed their current supply chain could survive a major disruption like a hurricane, labor strike, or war. That means 85% of companies would feel the impact of a major disaster. Worse yet, the vendors that provide products and services couldn’t survive. Could you afford to lose a vendor supplying a major component?

Your Company is Losing Money Because Of Your Supply Chain!!!

Are you one of the 83% of CEOs that does not have an optimized supply chain?

According to a recent survey, only 17% of CEOs say their supply chain is optimized to get the best value from their vendors. That means 83% of the companies surveyed are spending too much money in the supply chain. When you reduce costs in the supply chain, that is immediate profit to the bottom-line.

The problem is many executives feel supply chain is a software problem or an accounting or finance issue. Reality, even with the best software, supply chains will continue to suffer until the people who manage the supply chain are properly trained and certified in the best supply chain practices. (This is not an accountant’s job).

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