Procurement Leadership For Strategic Sourcing

Transform your purchasing into strategic sourcing, so your company makes more profit with predictable procurement. The result of our programs is a professionally certified supply chain professionals to act as a strategic sourcing adviser for your organization.

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Our comprehensive program focuses on four areas:

Skills to implement the strategic sourcing in your organization

  • Planning

    The procurement planning process identifies which business needs can be best met by procuring products or services outside the organization. To do this involves determining whether to procure, how to procure, what to procure, and when to procure.

  • Sourcing

    Through sourcing, we obtain information (bids and proposals) from prospective sellers about their products and services to determine the best value for requirements to be filled when we evaluate bids and proposals through a methodical process to select vendors.

  • Contracts

    Completing the contract is the result of good negotiation with vendors. With 13 types of contracts, 14 quality tools, and 4 methods to capture vendor performance, the right combination of tools manage vendors to get the most value in the administration process.

  • Leadership

    Training is worthless if you cannot implement the concepts, so we created a leadership development program specifically for procurement professionals to learn the secrets of building trust with anyone to get more done with less stress.

Get the right credentials

Our programs lead you to master procurement fundamentals, learn leadership skills, and develop strategic planning skills required to transform from a tactical purchasing agent to a strategic sourcing adviser. The opportunities of our supply management training program further your career with procurement basics, leadership training, strategy development and professional certification.

Cutting Edge Programs Meet You Where You Are

Several learning formats help you master skills with interactive programs

  • Online Training - Study Anytime, Study Anywhere

    Get ALL the material and up-to-date information based on the latest material from the Institute For Supply Management. The course is fully comprehensive where each task is covered in detail. Plus, all presentations are new with updated material from the latest changes published in 2018.

  • Mind Maps - Organize Your Learning

    Copyrighted mind-maps have been created for each task area that easily organizes information for an adult learner, like you. We use these mind-maps, not only for easy reference, but also dynamic presentation.

  • 3-Day Boot Camp Training Session

    Join the Three-Day Boot Camp Training Session is an intense training session focused on Supply Management Core, Supply Management Integration, and Leadership and Transformation in Supply Management. Click here to view our live events schedule, then select location that fits your schedule.

  • Coaching

    Group coaching calls to answer any questions you may have and one-on-one coaching when you need specific questions. Your exclusive access gives you the best experience possible when transforming your career.

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